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Reed Sheppard has been elite, and here is further proof

There is no denying just how good Reed Sheppard is.

Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

There is no question that Reed Sheppard has been a superstar for the Kentucky Wildcats this season.

As the games pass, Sheppard continues to play at an extremely high level, averaging 12.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 2.8 steals per game while shooting an incredible 56% from three.

However, it is not just his in-game averages that are eye-opening. He has found himself in some elite company when looking at box plus-minus stats.

The highest box plus-minus for a freshman since the 2008 season is Zion Williamson, who was +18.7. This means that per 100 possessions, Duke was 18.7 points better with Williamson on the floor than without him on the floor.

Right behind Williamson is Anthony Davis, who posted a BPM of 16.7 during his National Championship season at Kentucky.

Sitting in third place is none other than Reed Sheppard, who has a BPM of 15.3 through his first 12 college games.

What is interesting is that Sheppard has a usage rate of 18.5, which is the second lowest, just ahead of Nerlens Noel (18.2).

There is no denying that Sheppard has been outstanding in his young college career, but the numbers that he is putting up put him in elite company.

There’s also this from college hoops stats extraordinaire Sean Vinsel that further shows just how special of a season Reed Sheppard is having for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Enjoy it, folks. We may only be getting one season to see Reed Sheppard in a Kentucky basketball uniform.