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Zvonimir Ivisic is having admission issues with UK

Apparently, the coaching staff is not happy with the situation

Zvonimir Ivišić SC Derby/Filip Roganovic

The Kentucky Wildcats were expected to get some much-needed frontcourt relief with the addition of 7-foot-2 Croatian big man Zvonimir Ivisic.

Since his performance at the U16 Euro Championships, Ivisic has been on the radar of NBA teams. He had several suitors at the collegiate level but opted to go with the Wildcats despite the presence of five-star prospect Aaron Bradshaw who may start at center.

However, there seems to be a holdup with getting Ivisic to the Bluegrass State.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio wrote the below.

“The issue is one of UK admissions at this time blocking his admission to the school. I have been told that the University of Kentucky (and almost all major universities) requires an English equivalency exam in order to gain admission to the school. Ivisic has passed such an exam, but it isn’t one that is accepted by the University. There is another form of test that he hasn’t passed yet and at this point, the University is preventing his enrollment until it is passed. Without admission, he can’t be granted a student visa to America and as of this morning, none of these things have happened.”

Jones continued with a note that the Kentucky coaching staff is not pleased with this development.

At the same time, admissions requirements are firm, and it appears Ivisic will need to find a way to be accepted in the near future as the season will start to heat up in the coming months.

The Cats also have Ugonna Onyenso, but what made Ivisic so crucial is that both their star big men may miss the start of the season, leaving that center position wide open. This will be a development worth keeping an eye on over the next several weeks.

Be sure to read the full report at KSR.