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Kentucky Football Week 2 depth chart vs. EKU

Kenneth Horsey was left off, while a key defensive change was also made.

Huddle Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

Last Saturday, the Kentucky Wildcats opened the season with a 30-point victory. The Cats had some missed plays, and head coach Mark Stoops had some mixed emotions afterward, but either way, a 30-point win is a 30-point win.

Coming out of the game, the biggest question mark was the health of senior offensive guard Kenneth Horsey, who was carted off the field in the first half and missed the rest of the game.

So, with today's depth chart release, that was the place that all fans and media were looking at as the Cats prepare for Eastern Kentucky University.

As the depth chart was put out, Horsey was indeed missing at left guard, and he was replaced by West Virginia transfer Dylan Ray, who saw action Saturday after the injury. Redshirt sophomore Paul Rodriguez is now the backup left guard.

The only other changes this week in the depth chart came at the defense end position. Octavious Oxendine was listed as the starter in Week 1 but with an “or” alongside Tre’vonn Rybka. Oxendine is now the solo starter, while Rybka is now listed as the backup alongside Darrion Henry-young as an “or” at the same position.

Kentucky Football Depth Chart Week 2