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Thursday Headlines: 1995-96 Kentucky Basketball Team Honored

ESPN showed some love to Kentucky’s ‘96 team

Over at ESPN, writer John Gasaway is spending college football season writing about the most dominant men’s NCAA Tournament runs, and one team making the list was no surprise...

The 1995-96 Kentucky Wildcats.

The ‘96 team is tied for 5th in the rankings, and here’s what Gasaway had to say about that Kentucky team.

True, UK’s record-setting modern-era margin of victory (129 points across six games) was helped along by a 110-72 win over a No. 16 seed. So be it. Rick Pitino’s men posted a similar 101-70 victory over no less an opponent than Rick Majerus and Utah. Even considering relatively close seven- and nine-point wins at the Final Four over UMass and Syracuse, the Wildcats known as “The Untouchables” most certainly came by their name honestly.

The ‘96 team is tied with the 2000 Michigan State squad and behind 2001 Duke, 2023 UCONN, 2018 Villanova, and 2009 North Carolina.

Personally, I think Kentucky could have been higher on the list, but that group is really strong.

Where would you put the ‘96 Kentucky squad on that list?

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