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Liam Coen expected to stay in the coaching box at Vanderbilt

Liam Coen believes it is easier to call plays in the box and could expect a return to it against Vanderbilt.

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

After having a health scare and being sent to the hospital, Kentucky Wildcats offensive coordinator Liam Coen decided to call plays against the Akron Zips in the coaching box due to it being better for his health at the time.

Now the question is will he continue to call plays from the booth, or will he return back to the sidelines?

On Tuesday, he spoke with the media and said being up in the box made it easier for him to call plays.

“There’s no question that calling plays is easier up top,” said Coen.

Coen has called plays from the booth previously, and with him doing it against Akron, Kentucky put up the second most points in the season, scoring 35 points, along with having the most amount of yards on the offensive side with 450 yards. Devin Leary threw for the most yards at Kentucky thus far at 315 yards.

Overall, Kentucky has played their best so far on the offensive side when Coen was in the booth this past Saturday, and he credits how great the communication was from the sidelines to the booth.

“I thought the communication was good from the sideline on up,” Coen said on Tuesday. “I’ve done that before, but obviously, last week was, ‘Hey, get away from it a little bit.’ Just go call it, get away from some of the emotion and stress of it a little bit. I thought it was good.”

When asked if he will do it again this week, Coen wants to look at Vanderbilt’s box, but the expectation is he will be back in the booth again this upcoming week.