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Mark Stoops says Kentucky will adjust offense to run more plays

Changes need to be made to the pace of the offense.

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Through the first two games of the 2023 season, the Kentucky Wildcats have had a real problem when it comes to the total number of offensive plays they are running during games.

During Saturday’s lackluster win against Eastern Kentucky, there were a lot of complaints online about how slow the offense was playing, and that has led to Kentucky being ranked as one of the worst teams in the country in number of plays ran.

On Monday, Mark Stoops addressed that issue with the media and said they are looking into some things operationally that will hopefully “expedite play-calling.”

“Offensively, we’re pro style, we are looking at things still to expedite the play calling, operation, and getting out there,” he said.

The new clock rules are shortening games, and when you run a pro-style offense, the number of possessions shrinks.

Hopefully, moving forward, we will see a change in the offensive urgency, and the Cats start to play faster when the offense is on the field.

The Cats will get another opportunity on Saturday when Akron comes to town.

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