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SEC Power Rankings after Week 2

Ole Miss survived the Wave.

Ole Miss v Tulane Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Greetings, BBN! Week 2 in the SEC saw seismic activity in the conference, with the Alabama giant toppling down with a mighty boom onto the Southeast after being charged by a Longhorn, and the aftershocks coming within a hair of taking out most of the league with it.

Kentucky and Tennessee almost got shut out in the first half against their FCS foes, Missouri and Auburn played four full quarters to win by four, and Mississippi State played extra minutes in OT. Georgia’s still on top, and the entire league has yet to see each other in a conference game. Let’s get into Week 2’s SEC power rankings:

Week 2:

Win of the Week: Ole Miss

The Rebels were playing in a head coach’s nonconference scheduling nightmare, going on the road against the highest-ranked Group of Five team with a lot more to lose than gain and playing in a stadium against an ultra-hyped fanbase. This wasn’t just any upstart Group of Five team—this was the Tulane Green Wave that knocked off USC in the Cotton Bowl last bowl season. Down double digits in the first half, Ole Miss hung in there, tied it deep in the third quarter, and eventually made it out of Louisiana with a 37-20 win that was closer than the score would suggest. In a week where most of the conference was lackluster, the Rebels scored an important, early win.

Gold Stars: LSU, Ole Miss

The Tigers scored 72 in Baton Rouge, and the Rebels beat a ranked team on the road by 17. That’s a gold star for finding the end zone 10 times, and a gold star for escaping the Green Wave.

Rotten Eggs: Texas A&M

The Aggies can’t be knocked too much for losing a road game in Hard Rock Stadium, but you can’t give up 48 points and get run out of Florida.

Achievement Unlocked: Escape Artists: Missouri, Mississippi State, Auburn

Imagine if the SEC had gone 7-6 instead of 10-3 in Week 2’s nonconference games. It would’ve happened if these two Tigers hadn’t won by four and these Bulldogs hadn’t prevailed in overtime. Sometimes all you gotta do is just not lose.

That’s it for this week. Next Saturday, we’ll kick off conference action. Till then, go Cats!