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Kentucky headlines teams to most effectively reload their roster via the transfer portal

The Cats had another successful offseason via the portal.

UK logo football Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The last few offseasons have been a whirlwind around college football. With the transfer portal and NIL finally going into full effect, programs across the country have had to navigate new territories.

For Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Wildcats, they have seemingly handled it without a hiccup, especially when it comes to the transfer portal.

After landing key players over the last few seasons, including Will Levis, Wan’Dale Robinson, Jacquez Jones, and several others, Mark Stoops’ program turned to the portal to rebuild once again.

According to the Late Kick host Josh Pate (via 247 Sports), Kentucky is one of the schools that reloaded their roster the best this offseason through the portal.

“They upgraded this team, man,” Pate said. “Everyone who was watching Will Levis walk out the door thinks otherwise. They went and got Devin Leary from NC State. If he’s healthy, I’m a believer he’ll be a better college quarterback than Will Levis was.

“They weren’t ranked top five or anything like that. They addressed their roster needs. They didn’t have to completely overhaul it, but they addressed their roster needs. If that offensive line comes together, and they added some from the portal, and they’re moving a lot of guys around, Kentucky’s going to be a really good team this year.”

Alongside the Cats, Pate also listed UCLA, LSU, and SMU as headliners this offseason.

Kentucky has once again crushed the portal with additions to help fill holes that were in the roster.

How will they all turn out? Only time will tell, but it’s obvious that the Kentucky Football program will consistently be a force when it comes to recruiting within the portal.

Here’s to hoping Mark Stoops and Kentucky continue to do work in the transfer portal.