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Lakers sign Anthony Davis to the richest annual extension ever

Anthony Davis has signed a historic contract extension!

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Scott Utterback/The Courier-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Kentucky Wildcats superstar and current Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis has signed a three-year, $186 million maximum contract extension, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

This will tie him to the Lakers until the 2028 season and will make a total of $270 million from his current contract and through his extension as well.

This contract is the richest annual contract extension in NBA history, in which Davis will be averaging $62 million a season.

Before the extension, Davis was under contract until the 2025 season, and he was set to make $84 million over the next two years. However, he was eligible to sign an extension, and that is what he did by signing the richest annual contract extension in NBA history.

Davis, 30, now has the richest contract extension, and he’s also the first-ever player to win the NCAA title, NBA title, Olympic gold medal, and FIBA World Cup.

Davis continues to make history, and he is showing why recruits should continue to come to Kentucky to have their dreams possibly made to play in the NBA.

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