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Aaron Bradshaw gives up his shirt to make a fan’s day

Kentucky big man Aaron Bradshaw continues to impress the community with his kind gestures.

Steven J Hubacher Facebook

Back during a June basketball camp, Kentucky Wildcats big man Aaron Bradshaw had a special meeting with a child battling cerebral palsy.

Bradshaw has now made another fan's day.

The Kentucky Basketball team held an autograph tour signing for benefits to the Eastern Kentucky flood relief that happened a year ago. During the signing, a fan had an interaction that would last a lifetime.

Steven J. Hubacher, who was at the autograph signing, noticed Bradshaw was wearing a shirt that Kentucky got during the GLOBL Jam Tournament, but fans were not able to buy any of the clothing items due to it being just a team-released clothing item. Hubacher mentioned that Bradshaw made sure the fan got some merchandise, and that is what Bradshaw did.

“I told them I searched everywhere for a shirt and couldn’t find one,” Hubacher posted on social media. “That’s when Bradshaw asked him to hang around until after the signing wrapped up. So I did.”

Bradshaw eventually got up and left to buy himself a new shirt so he could give the fan a UK/USA shirt that the team wore while in Canada. Not only that, but Bradshaw also signed the shirt for the fan.

“He told me that the fans are amazing, and they mean a lot to him, and he knows how much the shirt would mean to me,” Hubacher wrote on social media. “John Calipari doesn’t just recruit amazing players. He recruits amazing men.”

Not only that, but he also told the fan that he would be out of the boot next week as Bradshaw still recovers from his surgery on his foot.

Hopefully, Bradshaw and the team can continue to do great gestures because the season hasn’t even started, and they continue to do great actions in the community.