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Rob Dillingham making great progress in the weight room

Dillingham was just 155 pounds at the GLOBL JAM, so attacking the weight room is a big priority for the five-star freshman.

Rob Dillingham Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

The 2023-24 Kentucky Wildcats have a world of potential, and a big part of that is their top-ranked incoming freshman class.

While Rob Dillingham may not be the top recruit from Kentucky’s 2023 haul, there’s no question he can still make a major impact for the basketball Cats, which we saw brief glimpses of in the GLOBL JAM.

However, it was also obvious that Dillingham was behind guys like D.J. Wagner, Antonio Reeves, Justin Edwards, and Adou Thiero. Part of that was due to Dillingham’s thin frame, as he weighed a mere 155 pounds at the GLOBL JAM.

The good news is Dillingham has clearly been working his tail off since then, as evidenced by recent photos of the progress he’s made in the weight room.

Kentucky strength and conditioning coach Braden Welsh posted photos of Dillingham’s progress on Instagram, showing the freshman has put on 17 pounds in the last month and a half.

You love to see it!