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Kentucky names Jeremy Flax the starting RT vs. Ball State

Jeremy Flax will be the starting right tackle on Saturday, but Courtland Ford will also get playing time.

Jeremy Flax Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

With this past season, everyone knew the Kentucky Wildcats needed to improve their offensive line after allowing 47 sacks, which was ranked No. 5 in the nation for most sacks allowed by a school.

Well, that is what Kentucky did by adding new offensive linemen in Tanner Bowles, Dylan Ray, Ben Christman, Courtland Ford, and Marques Cox.

When Kentucky released the depth chart on Monday, many people were questioning what the starting o-line would be, and most of those questions were answered, except for one, which was right tackle.

On Tuesday, offensive line coach Zach Yenser officially named Jeremy Flax as the starting right tackle on Saturday against the Ball State Cardinals. However, USC Trojans transfer Courtland Ford will get meaningful reps in this game as well.

Ford is still getting used to playing the right tackle position after playing left tackle position at USC, so both players will have a shot to officially earn the starting spot after Week 1 against Ball State.

As for the other positions, the starting left tackle is Marques Cox, the left guard is Kenneth Horsey, the center is Jager Burton, the right guard is Eli Cox, and of course, as of right now, the right tackle is Jeremy Flax.

Hopefully with the new additions, the Big Blue Wall will be improved enough that the Cats can go back to their old ways of controlling both sides of the trenches, which could pave the way for monster seasons from Devin Leary and the passing game.