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Kentucky Football Depth Chart Week 1

Breaking down the Cats’ first depth chart of the new season!

Team Photo Huddle Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

It's that time of year, as football in the Bluegrass is back!

The Kentucky Wildcats are preparing for their first game of the season vs. the Ball State Cardinals, and we have our first depth chart of the new year.

There are a lot of givens with the depth entering into the season, such as Devin Leary at QB, Barion Brown and Dane Key at wide receiver, and many more.

But there were some positions that weren't so clear entering the first Monday presser. Cats fans and media got most of those answers as to who will take the field first for the Cats on Saturday vs. the Cardinals out of the MAC.

While a few positions are still undecided as the staff listed a few positions with an ‘OR.’ And in that instance, the fans will have to wait until noon on Saturday to see who owns most of the playing at those positions

Here are the most notable position battles and how they look on the first depth chart:

  • Starting right tackle battle between Jeremy Flax and Courtland Ford: Listed as Ford ‘OR’ Courtland.
  • Backup QB battle between Kaiya Sheron, Deuce Hogan, and Destin Wade: Listed as Wade ‘OR’ Sheron.
  • Kicker battle between Chance Poore and Alex Raynor: Raynor is the starter.
  • Backup running back: Listed as JuTahn McClain ‘OR’ Demi Sumo-Karngbaye ‘OR’ Ramon Jefferson.
  • Strong safety: Listed as Zion Childress ‘OR’ Jalen Geiger.

Check out the full depth chart below.

Kentucky Football Depth Chart Week 1

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