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Monday Headlines: ESPN FPI Projects Kentucky Football’s 2023 Season Edition

ESPN projects a 7-5 season for Kentucky.

Mark Stoops Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

We all know how incredibly popular analytics have become in all sports. In fact, they’ve become the focal point of sports like baseball and basketball. But in football, there’s still so much value in coaching and the players up front in the trenches.

ESPN has a Football Power Index that analyzes each upcoming college football game and gives both teams a percentage chance to win. Kentucky Sports Radio took a deep dive into what ESPN is projecting for Kentucky this season and the forecast isn’t quite what some of the enthusiastic fans are thinking.

After looking at each game, the projected season for Kentucky is technically 7.1-4.9. While it’s more than too early to look at a game like South Carolina or Louisville at the end of the season, here’s a game-by-game breakdown based on if each game was played today.

Vs. Ball State Cardinals — 91.3%

Vs. Eastern Kentucky Colonels — 98.5%

Vs. Akron Zips — 95.8%

At Vanderbilt Commodores — 74.4%

Vs. Florida Gators - 51.3%

At No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs - 9.7%

Vs. Missouri Tigers - 65.9%

Vs. No. 12 Tennessee Volunteers - 46.9%

At Mississippi State Bulldogs - 49.3%

Vs. No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide - 15.8%

At South Carolina Gamecocks - 53.8%

At Louisville Cardinals - 57.2%

The percentages show an eight win season instead of seven. So, why is that? Per KSR’s breakdown, Kentucky has multiple “go either way” games on their schedule. Given that it’s a rarity for a team to win all of their “close” games, ESPN is likely assuming Kentucky drops one of those games where the Wildcats are slightly favored.

What’s your prediction for Kentucky’s record this season? Do you believe Kentucky can put together a season that consists of more than 7 wins?

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