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Cutter Boley and LCA outlast Bowling Green in epic thriller

Kentucky High School Football season just started, and what a game between Lexington Christian Academy versus Bowling Green

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

With the Kentucky High School Football season just beginning, we started out the year with a game that many people will remember for years.

For the very first game of the year between Lexington Christian Academy and Bowling Green, it came down to the wire, as LCA escaped with a win 56-52 against the Purples.

The game was high scoring, and not just because of Kentucky Wildcats commit Cutter Boley. LCA running back Brady Hensley made his debut for the team, where he ran the ball 30 times for 402 yards and five total touchdowns. He also had five receptions for 87 yards, totaling 489 of the 800 yards by LCA. Out of the eight touchdowns, seven of them came from Hensley.

As for Boley, he finished the game with 342 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception in a massive win for LCA. KSR had highlights of the game, which included an absolute dart by Boley at the 3:03 mark.

On the other side, you had Bowling Green quarterback Deuce Bailey, who had 478 yards of passing and four touchdowns in a tough loss to LCA. The Purples almost completed the comeback after being down 18 points in the first half but came up short.

LCA took the lead with 27 seconds left, and Bowling Green tried to make a comeback in the final seconds but couldn’t reach the end zone, giving the Eagles a 56-62 victory.

It was a great showing of what these players can do in Kentucky and will hopefully continue to do in the future.