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Jayden Quaintance talks Kentucky in his latest recruiting update

“They seem interested and it seems like a good fit.”

Jayden Quaintance USA Basketball

Earlier in July, one of the top players in the 2025 class made the move and reclassified to the 2024 class.

Jayden Quaintance is currently ranked as the No. 11 overall player and the No. 3 overall center in the class, according to 247 Sports.

Over the past year, Quaintance has seen his stock skyrocket as he showed off all the tools that he brings to the table.

It has been known that the Kentucky Wildcats have been involved in recruiting the 6-foot-10 center, but how does the rising star view the Cats?

In a recent interview with Jack Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio, Quaintance noted that Cincinnati, Ohio State, Missouri, Kentucky, and Washington have been prioritizing him the most.

“Two of them are close to where I stay,” Quaintance said. “Cincinnati, they’ve been on me since I was a lot younger. Ohio State has been talking to me more and my parents kind of like it. I have family members that went to Ohio State. Mizzou, I like their playing style. They have a new coach and he’s an NBA coach. Kentucky, they have a great program with a lot of NBA players. And they’ve got a great coach. Washington, it’s an ex-NBA player, the assistant coach that I talk to a lot. They’ve been on me.”

Back in June, John Calipari officially offered Quaintance, and he noted that it seems like a good fit.

“I went on an unofficial when I got the offer. It was definitely cool to talk to Coach Cal for like 30 minutes,” he said. “Me, my dad and my little brother were all talking to him and we got to see a practice. It was cool to be down there. They seem interested and it seems like a good fit. So we’ll see.”

It is also worth noting that with the move to 2024, he will not be NBA Draft eligible until 2026. Therefore, he will have to plan on being at his next stop for at least two years.

You can check out everything Quaintance had to say in the interview with KSR here.

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