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Smith Twins now eligible at Corbin

Kentucky is trending for the twins who hope to play their final year of high school football at Corbin.

Jacob Smith and Jerod Smith Jacob Smith and Jerod Smith via The Athletic


Jacob Smith and Jerod Smith have been ruled eligible by the KHSAA, according to Larry Vaught and KSR. This was believed to be the final hurdle for Kentucky to flip the two big-time recruits away from Michigan.

Come on down?!

Momentum is shifting in favor of the Kentucky Wildcats in the recruitment of twins Jerod and Jacob Smith.

The Smith brothers committed to the Michigan Wolverines, but over the last couple of weeks, rumors have been swirling that the twins could ultimately decide to flip to Kentucky.

The rumor mill began to swirl when Jerod and Jacob moved back to Kentucky from the northeast with the intent to play their senior seasons with the Corbin Redhounds. Whether that happens remains to be seen, as they’ve not been ruled eligible yet by the KHSAA, but nonetheless, the move seemed to be a positive one for the Wildcats.

Vince Marrow has been the primary recruiter for the Smith twins and has been involved with the four-star duo for years, and it seems like that hard work may be starting to pay off as multiple recruiting insiders are logging picks for the Cats.

Nick Roush from ON3/KSR logged a pick for Kentucky for the Smith twins, and that was followed by Steve Wiltfong and Brian John, two national insiders from 247. EJ Holland, a Michigan insider, also logged a pick for Kentucky, as did Michigan insiders Sam Webb and Brice Marich.

Jerod and Jacob are each Top 300 players, so landing these two would be a massive get for the Wildcats.

Kentucky’s current 2024 class ranks 44th nationally as of now, but if they could flip the Smith twins, they would likely jump into the top 30 nationally.

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