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Friday Headlines: Chris Oats Edition

Let’s join together in helping Oats reach his goal.

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Chris Oats. Mark Stoops. UK Athletics

The determination and perseverance by Chris Oats over the last few years has been incredible.

While all of Big Blue Nation is well aware of who Oats is, for anyone reading this who doesn’t — Oats is a former linebacker at Kentucky who suffered a life-changing stroke in 2020. He was such a promising football player and saw his career cut short due to the medical emergency.

Over the last three years, he’s made tremendous strides in rehabbing his body. At one points, Oats was bound to a wheelchair. But now, he’s able to stand and walk under his own power. The progress he’s made has been so inspiring to follow.

This fall, Oats is returning to the rehab facility in Florida that’s made such a heavy impact on his progress during the past few years.

Kentucky, NIL, Big Blue Nation and many others have been impactful on assisting Chris along his journey. The Oats family greatly appreciates every donation that’s been made along the way.

If you’d like to make a donation, visit this link — because no donation is too small and every single donation matters.

Tweet of the Day

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Tough opening night for the rookie.

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They could very well be the x-factor this year.

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Keeps getting worse.

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Kentucky misses out on his list.

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First part of NBA schedules released.

Tim Couch on Cutter Boley: “He’s got all the potential in the world.” - KSR

Love hearing this.

New book claims Mickelson lost over $100M in sports bets - USA Today