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247 Sports compiles list of the greatest college football players from each SEC school

For Kentucky, it was an easy choice.

How do you know that it’s truly summer?

The outlandish sports comparison lists, of course!

However, we do have a solid rankings list to discuss from Cody Nagel of 247 Sports, where he dives into some SEC football history.

Nagel compiled a list of the great college football player from each SEC school.

Initially, the article mentions that over 100 players from the conference have been inducted into the college football Hall of Fame, so this exercise may have been more difficult than you might think.

For Kentucky fans, the selection was fairly easy to pinpoint.

The legend of Tim Couch isn’t something that will ever fade away in the Commonwealth.

The Hyden, Kentucky native was the obvious choice from the Kentucky football program.

Before being selected as the No. 1 overall pick in 1999’s NFL Draft, Couch threw for nearly 8500 yards and 74 touchdowns as a Wildcat.

His most memorable TD may have been the 97-yard toss to Craig Yeast against the Florida Gators in September of 1998.

Couch will be remembered as one of the Air Raid pioneers when looking back on the holistic college football history. His 4,275 passing yards in 1998 stood as an SEC record for some time before it was relatively recently broken by LSU’s Joe Burrow.

It’s great to see Couch still as a facial or face in and around Lexington, as he regularly supports both the football and basketball teams.

If you’ve kept up with him at all over the last decade then you’re fully aware of just what kind of incredible shape he’s kept himself in.

Tim Couch will go down as one of the best Kentuckians to ever play the game of football so it’s no surprise to see him represent UK on 247 Sports’ list.

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