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Kentucky Basketball players set to begin La Familia Autograph Tour this week

The tour is scheduled for July 28-30.

Wildcat Mascot Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue

The 2023-24 Kentucky Wildcats are hitting the road for the La Familia Autograph Tour that is set to take place this week.

Jack Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio reported that members of the upcoming roster will be traveling to Kroger around the state to meet and sign autographs for the BBN.

This year’s tour is scheduled to take place July 28-30, with eight Wildcats split between two Kroger locations each day.

The tour is set to begin on Friday in Somerset and Morehead with Aaron Bradshaw, Reed Sheppard, Jordan Burks, and Grant Darbyshire at the Stonegate Center location in Somerset from 4-6 PM ET.

Justin Edwards, Adou Thiero, Tre Mitchell, and Walker Horn will be at the Trademore Center location at the same time in Morehead.

Eight Wildcats will be making six stops around the state in three days. Tickers will be available at the door for $60 each, which will get each person one item to be signed by the players present.

You can see when and where members of the 2023-24 roster will be during the La Familia Autograph Tour here.

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