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John Calipari says Antonio Reeves was “worried about the wrong stuff” before returning to Kentucky

Getting Reeves back is huge for the success of this season.

Antonio Reeves Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats getting Antonio Reeves back for another season is likely the most important decision that occurred this offseason.

The importance of his return was seen during the team’s trip to Canada when Reeves averaged 23 points per game and was named the GLOBL JAM Tournament MVP.

As we all know, at times this offseason, it looked bleak that we would see Reeves suiting up in a Kentucky uniform again this season.

We may never know the exact reason Reeves considered taking his talents elsewhere, but following the team’s win over Canada in the gold medal game, John Calipari talked about Reeves’ decision.

“He was worried about the wrong stuff,” Calipari said. “When you have five of the freshmen that we have, and you’re finding out they’re really good. ‘So what’s going to happen to me?’

“What? You’re the vet. What do you mean what’s happening to you? So he did the right stuff. Proud of him, and he’s playing good.”

After watching the team win the GLOBL JAM Tournament, it is obvious that Kentucky has a lot of freshmen with superstar potential.

However, it is also clear that Reeves is going to play a ton of minutes and will be a key piece to the overall success of this season.

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