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Rob Dillingham has the right mindset when getting limited minutes for Kentucky

Rob Dillingham played limited minutes during the GLOBL JAM but still impacted the game in different ways.

Rob Dillingham. John Calipari. Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

When the Kentucky Wildcats went to Canada for the GLOBL JAM Tournament, many fans were excited to see what the new players would be able to accomplish on the court together.

The coaching staff also tried out different lineups during the exhibition games to see what players would mesh well and obviously give every player a try during the games.

Well, in Game 3 against Team Africa, highly-touted freshman guard Rob Dillingham logged just 12 minutes, but he knows his time will come, and he just has to trust everything will turn out fine.

“Trusting Coach Cal and the process, today wasn’t my day,” said Rob Dillingham. “DJ was getting buckets. Reed was getting buckets. If they’re playing better, why force myself to be mad? We’re a team.”

Although the former five-star freshman did not play a lot vs. Africa, he did show out with his limited playing time. In the gold medal championship game, he had eight points, including a four-point play, three rebounds, and three assists in almost 20 minutes of play.

In the 10 minutes he played the first time Kentucky played Canada, Dillingham had six points and eight assists.

Obviously when he is on the floor, Dillingham doesn’t have to be the main scorer, but he can get his teammates the ball and get them open looks, which is what he did so well during the GLOBL JAM.

It’s still early, and the season hasn’t even started, but expect Dillingham to get more playing time come as the season progresses. In the meantime, it’s great to hear a very mature response coming from someone who just graduated high school.

Hopefully with the team gelling early on in the offseason, it will equate to a great season, especially when both Ugonna Onyenso and Aaron Bradshaw come back from their injuries.

Overall, the Wildcats looks like they could have a potentially great season, and with this one response by Dillingham, the chemistry sounds like it’s through the roof.

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