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Kentucky vs. Team Africa game thread and pregame reading

The Cats look to go 3-0 before Sunday’s Gold Medal Game.

Adou Thiero Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats take on Team Africa in Toronto at 1:30 pm ET. You can watch the game live on CBS Sports Network and possibly online via your TV provider. Go here for more TV and online stream info.

The trip has been a great run for the Cats so far. They defeated Team Germany on Wednesday, blew out Team Canada on Thursday, then practiced and had fun at Drake’s mansion on Friday.

It’s hard not to get excited about this team when you’re seeing the chemistry already looking so crisp, along with the fun they’re having off the court.

Antonio Reeves has been the star of the GLOBL Jam so far, as he’s dropped a combined 47 points on 18/31 shooting, including 6/13 makes from deep.

Reed Sheppard also gave BBN a blast to the past in his last game, scoring 14 points on 5/8 shooting (2/4 from deep) with four assists, four steals, two blocks, and two boards.

We get another couple of games from the Cats, so check out some of these pregame reads to get ready.

Pregame Reading

Go Cats!!!