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Antonio Reeves says video games helped keep him at Kentucky

Video games continue to bring people together.

Antonio Reeves Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

After a very turbulent off-season for the Kentucky Wildcats, with seemingly every move working against the favor of John Calipari’s squad, they struck gold during the month of June when they added Tre Mitchell as a last-second graduate transfer from West Virginia and, just as important, got Antonio Reeves back for another season.

In two games at GLOBL Jam, Reeves has 24-point and 23-point outings, putting up insane shooting numbers (8-16, 10-15) heading into his final collegiate season.

The rumors of him taking classes at Illinois State were true, depending on who you ask, and there seemed to be some not-so-clear decision on what Reeves would actually do.

So what brought him back to Lexington? The incoming freshman class and video games. Reeves spoke with the media following the team’s 93-69 win over Canada at GLOBL Jam;

They called me every now and then saying, ‘Yeah, we need you to come back,’ and things like that. I think the vibe really started when we all got in the (video) games together, you know?” Reeves said. “We were playing some games like Fortnite and Call of Duty, things like that. That’s when I knew these guys were ready to go, we’re talking for hours and hours on a game. They just needed a vet around, they said that to me. That’s how it happened.”

I am curious to know what game mode the team played on Call of Duty; Search and Destroy? Warzone? Shipment 24/7?

Oh well, it all worked out.

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