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Wildcats visit Drake’s nine-figure mansion

John Calipari has some fun things in mind for the Kentucky Basketball team while in Canada.

James Crisp/Associated Press

The Kentucky Wildcats are visiting the mansion of Drake while in Toronto for the GLOBL JAM.

The team has Friday off, so John Calipari seems to have some fun in mind, which includes seeing the $100 million house of a global icon.

Drake, who is on tour, will not be home to be with the team, but Calipari may stop by regardless. Drake is a notable Kentucky fan.

“We’re going to do some fun things tomorrow. We’re gonna go to a friend of mine, his house. We’re going to swim in his pool, practice on his court. He’s on tour,” Calipari said Thursday.

His friend, if you hadn’t guessed, is none other than Drizzy.

Players, including Antonio Reeves, who is set to stay with the Cats this upcoming season after being one that might have hit the transfer portal, seemed especially excited to see Drake’s place.

“We’re going to have a blast there. We’re going to have fun. I heard they’re going to have a barbecue, so we are going to eat good as well,” Reeves said following Thursday’s win over Team Canada.

Kentucky can relax well after dominating Canada Thursday as well.

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