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Antonio Reeves talks through the process of returning to Kentucky

Reeves was ultimately the most important recruit this offseason.

Antonio Reeves Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

This offseason for the Kentucky Wildcats ended up being a slower one than the BBN was hoping for. With four players entering the portal, and two keeping of their names in the NBA Draft, all eyes shifted to the decision of Antonio Reeves.

In what became a back-and-forth situation for some time, ultimately, he decided to return to Lexington to play his second (and final) year for the Cats.

As the team gears up for the GLOBL JAM, Reeves spoke with the media for the first time since announcing his return to Kentucky this past Thursday.

When asked about the draft process, and why a return to Lexington, Reeves’ response will hopefully get fans convinced how fully he has bought into this second year.

“I’ll keep that between me and my family. I don’t want to speak on that type of stuff,” Reeves told Ben Roberts of the Herald-Leader. “But just going through the process — trying to be a pro — just going through workouts every day and things like that … I always considered (returning) here first. I definitely wanted to be here for a second year. That’s what I wanted to do.”

As mentioned before, this recruitment was not exactly one that seemed to be a 100% lock. One thing that helped play in the favor of Kentucky, though, is the recruitment by the current freshman for Reeves to join them in Lexington.

“They called me, texted me every day. ‘We want you back. We want you to be the older brother on the team.’ Things like that,” Reeves told Roberts. “Off the court, we’re all together every day.”

Later in the session, freshmen Justin Edwards and Robert Dillingham confirmed that message to be true.

With Reeves now locked in, and games only a few days away, the hype is continuing to grow for this upcoming season. Now let's hope Reeves can go dominate this summer as he did last year in the Bahamas.