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John Calipari gives update on Aaron Bradshaw injury and impending coaching staff changes

And a quote from Lil Wayne about lasagna.

2023 McDonald’s All American Game Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In just a few weeks, the Kentucky Wildcats will head to Canada for the 2023 GLOBL JAM in Toronto.

Ahead of this, head coach John Calipari held a rare summer press conference with local media on Friday, where he gave several updates on the state of his program.

First off, Cal confirmed that 5-star forward Aaron Bradshaw has had surgery for his foot injury. Bradshaw will miss the GLOBL JAM, but the hope is the freshman will be ready for the beginning of the regular season.

The injury is a small fracture in Bradshaw’s foot. He could have let the injury heal on its own with no surgery, but that would have taken longer, so he opted to have surgery and speed up the recovery.

“He (Bradshaw) had a foot injury...had a choice to make: Do you let it heal, or do you do an operation? He waited for a minute to say, ‘Let me see this.’ But at the end of the day, he said, ‘I want an operation because I want to play.’”

Cal also gave a brief update on his coaching staff, which is still looking to add a third primary assistant coach (that’s reportedly Oregon assistant Chuck Martin).

“We’ve still got stuff to do with staff,” Cal stated. “Probably get things going in the next 10 days, two weeks.”

Definitely sounds like Cal is planning to make a few more changes, so that will be intriguing to watch unfold if there are more moves made in addition to Martin joining the staff.

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, Cal quoted Lil Wayne about lasagna.