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Class Of 2024 LB Antwan Smith discusses commitment to Kentucky

“Some of the best coaches in college football that you can ever have.”

Antwan Smith Twitter

When you think of many great defensive players from Kentucky, you immediately think of Bud Dupree, Josh Allen, DeAndre Square, and others.

Well, class of 2024 linebacker Antwan Smith could see himself being successful in that position due to the recent players that have flourished in the program.

“Because what they showed me, when I look back on how they had come into college, they were roughly like the same build as me, and just seeing how the coaches progressed their ability and progressed their size and skill basically just let me know that I’m in the right place, and they can put in positions succeed in life,” Antwan Smith tells A Sea Of Blue.

Although he has seen recent success from that group of players from Kentucky, it wasn’t the main reason why Smith committed to Kentucky.

“When I had got there, it just automatically felt like a home,” Smith says. “It was just somewhere where it was an amazing feeling and just to meet all the coaches and players and everything, it just felt like the perfect fit for me, and it felt like I’ve already been a part of the family, and I haven’t really even been there too long, so it ultimately was an easy decision to choose where I wanted to go.”

A reason why he committed to Kentucky compared to other schools is due to the relationship he has with the coaches.

“The coaches are next to none,” Smith says. “Some of the best coaches in college football that you can ever have, and they have great facilities, places that can get you better, and not to mention their SEC school, and they’re known for putting people in big places at the right time, so it’s just an amazing fit.”

Smith goes on to talk about the connection he has with Mike Stoops and Brad White.

“They’re amazing coaches, genuine relationship with them, always been able to talk to them about anything if I need anything, and getting to meet them in person was really good because the way that they text me and call is the same way they act in person. They’re just very genuine people and people that you can talk to,” Smith tells A Sea Of Blue.

As for getting to learn under White, he is very excited about that.

“It’s really special because he’s someone who knows the game very well. Like you can tell he’s a smart person when it comes to football, and just smart in general,” Smith says. “He’s somebody that takes his work very seriously. He expects big things from you and to make big plays when needed to be, so it’s just amazing that I’m able to play under him and learn from all the things that he can do for me.”

As for getting to play in front of the fans next year, it will be a surreal experience for him.

“I’m really excited just to show them all the talent that I have, and things that I can do just to make them happy and enjoy themselves,” Smith says.