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Tuesday Headlines: Anonymous Scouts on Kentucky Prospects Edition

Is Cason Wallace one of the safest picks in the draft?

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Cason Wallace Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - A Sea of Blue

With the NBA Draft coming up on us, draft talk is heating up with the annual event scheduled for Thursday.

That means anonymous scouts are sharing their thoughts on a number of prospects, and The Athletic’s Seth Davis shared thoughts on several prospects, including three Kentucky Wildcats prospects in Cason Wallace, Chris Livingston, and Oscar Tshiebwe.

The anonymous scouts were most complimentary of Cason Wallace, noting that Wallace might be “the safest pick in the draft.”

“He’s one of the safest picks in the draft. Nothing sexy about him, but he can play the point, he can shoot, he can score in the midrange, he’s got solid athleticism. Doesn’t really have a burst. He never got rattled when Calipari would yell at him. Needs to develop his point guard skills. Still needs to develop his pick-and-roll game. He’s a high-level defender who can guard ones and twos.”

These comments about Chris Livingston were... well, not ideal.

“What does he do? He’s not a high-level 3-point shooter, he’s not a high-level creator off the bounce. He can rebound a little. Never did find himself this year at Kentucky. He’s not a consistent jump shooter. He’s just not very skilled. He has good competitiveness, love his character. Later in the season he started to realize who he is, which is a tough, slashing athlete. He’s not a shooter, but he can make shots. He has first-round talent, but he didn’t have a great year.”

And Oscar Tshiebwe is expected to “destroy the G-League” by this scout, which isn’t a great endorsement.

“He has to improve his shooting but he knows how to go get the ball. He did a workout in Chicago where he shot really well from 15 to 17 feet, and he even made some 3s. More of an offensive rebounder than a defensive rebounder. He’ll struggle to guard stretch fours and fives. He doesn’t have a skill set that’s elite. I don’t know how teams will use him on offense. His hands are just OK, but he’s got a motor and he’s tough and he can rebound the heck out of the ball. I think he would destroy the G League.”

As of now, the belief is that Wallace will be a mid-late lottery pick, and Livingston likely has a guarantee from a team. Tsbiebwe could be a second-round pick, but very well could go undrafted. However, things can change quickly between now and draft night.

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