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Aaron Bradshaw refutes injury timeline; taking part at UK summer camps

Bradshaw doesn’t believe he’ll miss 4-6 months of action.


Earlier Friday, it was reported that Kentucky Wildcats center Aaron Bradshaw suffered a foot fracture, and the timeline for his recovery was 4-6 months.

However, Bradshaw himself is disputing that timeframe and, at least publicly, believes he’ll be back in about two months at most.

As our own Tristan Pharis captured, Bradshaw suggested on Instagram that his recovery timeline is more in the 4-6 week range.

Also, there have been multiple videos and pictures tweeted of Bradshaw working at UK’s summer camp session that took place Friday.

Of course, Bradshaw clearly isn’t putting much strain on his feet in these videos, but it still does bring into question how and why he’s working at a camp if he’s about to miss 4-6 months of action.

It’s certainly possible that the 4-6 month timeline is if Bradshaw has some type of surgery on the foot, and the 4-6 week timeframe is if no surgery is performed. But anyone who has followed Kentucky Basketball in recent years knows that there’s little-to-no chance we’re getting a clear picture when it comes to injuries.

In other words, hope for the best, but expect the 4-6 month timeframe to be the more accurate scenario. No sense in getting your hopes up for something you’re likely not going to get the complete story on for the foreseeable future.

And hope Kentucky at least tries to add a veteran big man from the transfer portal, even if the options are slim at this point.

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