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What will Antonio Reeves ultimately do? (UPDATE)

Will Reeves opt for one more year in Lexington?

Antonio Reeves Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - A Sea of Blue


One reason why there’s been so much buzz for Antonio Reeves transferring was him reportedly taking summer classes at Illinois State.

We now have confirmation that Reeves is enrolled at Illinois State, per Jeff Goodman.

The belief is Reeves is taking these classes to become eligible for a grad transfer and immediate eligibility at his next school. That obviously doesn't sound good for Kentucky.

Here’s to hoping this saga reaches a conclusion soon, one way or another.

It feels as if we are reaching a conclusion to the Antonio Reeves saga, a slow conclusion, mind you.

Reeves entered his name into the NBA Draft process way back at the beginning of April and was all but thought to be a sure-fire returnee for the Kentucky Wildcats.

As time went on, Reeves never pulled his name and, ultimately, waited until the final deadline to pull his name out of the NBA Draft.

However, now, Reeves has still not announced his intentions to return to Lexington, despite, at this very moment, not being eligible to be a graduate transfer.

There have been rumors of maybe some alleged “talks” going on behind the scenes between Reeves’ camp and multiple schools.

Per Jack Pilgrim of KSR, Reeves’ worries about returning to Lexington centered on his role with the 2023-24 team and NIL. With John Calipari’s new ‘La Familia Club’ starting up, NIL could be on the upswing for the UK basketball program.

That leaves playing a role in a guard-heavy rotation, but the reigning SEC Sixth Man of the Year has a role and a place on any team.

So, with a decision hopefully coming soon, what do you think Antonio Reeves ultimately does?


What does Antonio Reeves do?

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    Transfer away
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