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UK will reportedly allow beer sales at Kroger Field this year

It’s a party. It’s a party. It’s a party.

Chris Humphrey - Sea of Blue

After years of rebuffing beer sales for the general public at UK Athletics events, it appears that is finally coming to an end.

By now, you probably know how UK has been testing beer sales at baseball and softball games this season. The hope was they’d go well enough to make the school feel confident it can sell alcohol at other sporting events, namely at Kroger Field and Rupp Arena.

Well, according to KSR’s Matt Jones, beer sales for the general public are coming to Kroger Field this fall for Kentucky Football games, but it’s unknown if Rupp Arena will have them.

Here are more details from Jones, including what kind of beer could be on the menu this fall.

Of course, it was past time for this to happen, especially since UK already allows alcohol sales at suites and clubs. It’s time for the general public to be extended the same courtesy at UK events, and it appears that’s finally happening.

You can read more about this development at KSR.