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John Calipari talks long-term future at UK; gives an update on Oscar Tshiebwe

An in-depth interview as Calipari talks future in Lexington.

Oscar Tshiebwe John Calipari. Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The last several seasons for the Kentucky Wildcats have left plenty to be desired by the BBN.

After a 9-16 season, then a first round exit in the NCAA Tournament, not much changed this season as the Cats were knocked out in the first weekend. That has brought forth the question almost everywhere; how much longer does John Calipari have in Lexington?

In an in-depth interview on Thursday while joining The Dan Patrick show, Coach Cal gave a little insight into his future with the program.

When asked how close Calipari came to actually leaving and if there was a meeting to discuss the future by Patrick, Coach Cal responded;

“No. No.”

When further pressed about his future, Calipari had this to say;

“I’ve got six years on the contract,” the coach said. “And I’m saying, ‘All right, let’s make this run. And let’s do some things and get this back where we were.’”

After signing a 10-year contract extension in 2019, it seems that Coach Calipari is content on riding out the remainder of his deal. However controversial that may be to some in the fanbase, this season will be the one to help make or break how the BBN views the remaining tenure with the Hall-of-Fame coach.

A key piece to that is the potential return of Oscar Tshiebwe.

The two-time All-American is currently going through the NBA Draft process as he has worked out for several teams, with several remaining. Currently, Coach Cal is trying to do everything he can to help Oscar reach that dream of playing in the NBA.

“And my thing, right now, is to do everything I can to help Oscar get in that league,” Calipari told Patrick. “Do I want to coach Oscar another year? Yes! What am I, stupid? Stupid?! Yes, I want to coach him another year. But, if I’m doing right by him, I’ve got to give him every opportunity to run this out and see exactly where he is.”

Tshiebwe has until May 31st to pull his name out of the NBA Draft. Going to be an interesting storyline to follow throughout the month.

Be sure to watch the full interview below from more insight from Cal, including UK’s stance on NIL.

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