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Who returns to Kentucky Basketball? (UPDATE)

The day has finally arrived, and we have an announcement time for Oscar Tshiebwe.

Oscar Tshiebwe Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue


Antonio Reeves may or may not be gone, while Chris Livingston is definitely gone.


He gone.


According to Charlotte Observer reporter Rod Boone, Oscar Tshiebwe will make his announcement at 5 pm ET, so we won’t be waiting until midnight for this one.

My guess is Tshiebwe stays in the NBA Draft.

The day has finally arrived. Today is the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline for players that wish to return to college.

Across the college basketball landscape, the BBN has seen several names tied to the Kentucky Wildcats that have pulled their name out of the draft, but none have been the three players that were on the roster this past season.

Oscar Tshiebwe, Antonio Reeves, and Chris Livingston are all going to take it down to the wire to make their decision on if they will return to Lexington or not. The storylines surrounding each player is also keeping the fanbase on their toes.

For Oscar, after a workout with the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, we will see if any NBA team is willing to add Oscar to their franchise.

Livingston has long been seen as a near-lock to go pro, and that is still the case heading into the final day. Represented by Klutch Sports, it appears he will bet on himself and fight to make a roster this coming season.

Reeves might be the most interesting of all three players heading into the deadline. Long seen as a returnee to Kentucky, the momentum has started to shift towards a potential transfer or keeping his name in the draft. This one feels like a toss-up.

After a workout with the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday, it seems no decision has been made either way.

John Calipari currently has seven scholarship players on the roster heading into the 2023-24 season. After today, the BBN will have a lot better read on what players will be or might be a part of the roster this coming season.

Assuming Livingston stays in the draft, between Tshiebwe and Reeves, who do you think returns to Kentucky? Let us know in the comments and poll below!

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