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Chad Johnson visits Lexington and is in awe

Ocho Cinco is a fan of Kentucky grass.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals legend Chad Johnson crossed the Kentucky border and traveled to Lexington. Let’s just say he was impressed by what he saw, but what Johnson necessarily was impressed by certainly wouldn’t have been the first guess.

It wasn’t Rupp Arena or Kroger Field but the grass. The green grass is what he left with from his visit to Lexington. He even took to his large Twitter following to ensure they knew what they are missing out on.

Ocho’s replies didn’t give much insight into why the grass is so green, either.

That said, he is about 90 minutes from Cincinnati, where he spent most of his NFL career, so many in the area are familiar with what Johnson did with the Bengals.

Johnson is one of the most outspoken stars and has done his part in recruiting players to Cincinnati. Maybe he can aid the Kentucky Wildcats next, especially if he wants to come back for the ultra-green grass!