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Oscar Tshiebwe confident in Ugonna Onyenso for the 2023-24 season

If Oscar doesn't come back, he trusts that Ugonna can become the guy.

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

The May 31st withdrawal date from the NBA Draft is just around the corner. For the Kentucky Wildcats, they are still waiting on the decisions from three players: Oscar Tshiebwe, Chris Livingston, and Antonio Reeves.

With the decision date inching closer, it seems that all three players may be leaning in different directions from the other.

Arguments can be made for each player in their importance on a return (especially with the state of the roster currently). Still, Oscar is confident that, if he decides to stay in the draft, Ugonna Onyenso is ready to anchor the frontcourt for the Cats next season.

“His game has changed,” Tshiebwe said. “Ugonna is going to be big-time for Kentucky next year. He had to learn, he had to know that this game is not like high school. You think you’re going to come in and get so much playing time in college — you have to build up your confidence. You have to build up your body. Be strong. And be strong mentally, too,” Tshiebwe told Ben Roberts of the Herald Leader.

“I can see, next year, Ugonna step up and help out a lot at Kentucky.”

This confidence tracks to what John Calipari mentioned about Ugonna heading into the offseason. He is expecting a big jump from the sophomore center as well.

With the current state of the roster, Coach Cal could move forward with the duo of Ugonna and Aaron Bradshaw, or we could see the staff look to add another center here in the next few weeks.

Time will tell, but it seems like BBN should be excited about what Ugonna is going to bring to the 2023-24 season.

You can read more of Roberts’ article here.