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Hunter Dickinson gives a brief update on his recruitment

“I would’ve happily made the decision sooner, but I really am struggling to try to pick a school.”

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 14 NIT - Toledo at Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Where in the world will Michigan Wolverines transfer Hunter Dickinson wind up?

Coming into the week, the buzz was that Dickinson would make a decision this week as to where he’ll be playing when the 2023-24 college hoops season tips off. Some even thought a decision could come Tuesday, but that isn’t happening.

During a Tuesday episode of RoundBall Podcast, Dickinson revealed that...he’s still not sure where he’s going to land.

“I did tell teams that I was hoping to know today where I was going, but I never said I was going to announce where I was going,” Dickinson said on the show. “I still don’t know, but I would like to figure it out sooner rather than later, because I can’t deal with this anymore. It’s exhausting.”

Oddly enough, Kentucky head coach John Calipari sent out an interesting tweet prior to the podcast dropping, as if he thought some good news was going to happen for Kentucky.

Alas, no good news came for Kentucky.

“I would’ve happily made the decision sooner, but I really am struggling to try to pick a school,” Dickinson added.

To this point, the schools Dickinson has visited include the Kansas Jayhawks, Kentucky Wildcats, and Villanova Wildcats. He’s also shown interest in the Maryland Terrapins and Georgetown Hoyas, though he admitted on the show that Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, and Villanova were who he’s still considering, so we at least got that much today.

One interesting tidbit Dickinson did share was how Kentucky was looking to hire a new staffer specifically geared toward player development.

“I didn’t think I needed to go back again, but (John Calipari) talked about having a new strength coach there,” Dickinson said when discussing his recent visit to Kentucky. “And he was hiring somebody else on the staff as like a player development guy. So I felt like if I were to choose Kentucky, those would be two really important things in my decision, and so I was like, I might as well go down there for a day and meet them.”

Kentucky still has yet to announce who will be joining Calipari’s staff following the departure of K.T. Turner.

As for Dickinson, he definitely made it sound like he wants to reach a decision this week, so hopefully, we won’t be waiting much longer to learn where he winds up.

Oh, and his announcement will apparently come on the Barstool Instagram page.

Whenever that happens.