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EA Sports letting players opt in to 2024 college football video game

This could help change the landscape of college sports.

EA Sports

The FBS has been getting a makeover lately, and money is starting to talk. Name, image, and likeness have been huge factors over the last few seasons, especially in the transfer portal, and it should continue to be one.

It is where players can earn money based on their NIL deals and values, which, in theory, will help high-profile athletes rake in some serious cash before heading to the next level. Kentucky, being in the SEC, will undoubtedly be aided by the changes.

It will also help retain talent at the collegiate level as making it in the NFL is easier said than done. With EA Sports making college football video games again, many were wondering if players would be in the game and if they would then also be compensated for their role.

The answer is: kinda. EA Sports is partnering with OneTeam Partners to solve this issue.

“The partnership will include the chance for all eligible FBS players to opt in to have their likenesses in EA Sports College Football, the representative said. Those players will receive compensation for being placed in the game,” ESPN’s Michael Rothstein noted.

EA Sports announced they were going to get back into the college football gaming space in 2021, so it has been on the table to quite some time.

The Kentucky Wildcats, with former NC State quarterback Devin Leary at the helm, are expected to be a solid team in 2022, and opting into this agreement with EA and OneTeam should further help bring football talent to Lexington.