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Major changes coming to college football game clock

The clock will no longer stop after a first down on most plays.

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College football is still several months away, but there is some major news from the sport as a major rule change is expected to be coming this fall.

After several decades of the clock stopping after a team gains a first down, that will no longer be the case, as college football will adopt the NFL rule of the clock continuing to run. This is according to a report from CBS Sports.

A final decision will come from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, who each year examines new rules proposed for College Football. The new clock rule change will apply to Division I and Division II.

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated also reported that two other rule changes will be coming this fall, as there will be no consecutive timeouts and no untimed downs for penalties at the end of the first and third quarters.

The rule changes come as a chance to speed up game times across the sport. Similar to the NFL now, it will also make college head coaches really focus on their time management skills. Not to mention how intense a last drive in a hurry-up college football offense could be.

For Mark Stoops and Kentucky, the new-look Liam Coen offense under Devin Leary will now have to adapt. Luckily for them, with Coen’s NFL experience and play-calling, this rule is one he is used to already.

There might be some quick games at Kroger Field this fall.