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Thursday Headlines: One more year of Oscar Tshiebwe?

A new apparel line could mean Kentucky’s big man is coming back, or not.

Oscar Tshiebwe Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - Sea of Blue


Based on the latest news, it does not appear an Oscar Tshiebwe return to UK is likely at this time.

Of course, these things can change in an instant, but it definitely looks like, for now, UK has a better chance of having Hunter Dickinson on the roster than Tshiebwe.

It’s the offseason, or in Kentucky especially, the “stay or go” season.

And as members of the Big Blue Nation, we’re on the lookout for any bits of information or intel to suggest which way a player is leaning.

Last night, an interesting tidbit surfaced online that has some speculating what it means for Kentucky Wildcats big man Oscar Tshiebwe.

Check out the merchandise at the top of Oscar’s Kentucky Branded store.

Now, this isn’t a guarantee by any stretch. Some have said the merchandise has been on the store for a while, so this isn’t a roundabout way of making an announcement, but it is interesting nonetheless.

By now, Oscar’s dilemma is well-known. He’s a star college player whose game and skill set don’t translate seamlessly to the NBA, and with his status at one of the premier college basketball programs, he probably stands to make more money at Kentucky than trying to carve out a spot in the league.

But Oscar reportedly wants to play professionally and is looking for an avenue to do so.

We’ll see how this plays out. I believe Oscar is going to extend this process out longer to try to gather as much information possible about his professional prospects, but if he plans to return, it would be in the best interest of the program to know sooner rather than later so they can begin to build the roster.

The merchandise may be nothing, but in the offseason with nothing else in the Kentucky Basketball world to focus our attention on, this is likely something folks will pay attention to.

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