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UK Basketball posts assistant coach position: Who would you like to see hired?

Has John Calipari zeroed in on the next coach to join his staff? Sound off on who you’d like to see hired!

John Calipari Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

It has been a fairly quiet April for the Kentucky Wildcats. With some players making their decisions to transfer or go to the NBA Draft made, there haven’t been many surprises to this point in the offseason.

With KT Turner off to be the new head coach at UT-Arlington, John Calipari now has another assistant coach position to fill this summer.

The job has officially been posted to the University of Kentucky website, so it appears that Coach Cal has narrowed in on who he would like to join his staff for the 2023-24 season. UK typically waits to post these ads when they’ve already got a hire in mind.

That seems to be the case here, as Turner officially took the UT-Arlington job on March 17th, but the ad is finally being posted a month later. Calipari probably did a lot of research during that time and now has someone in mind, leading to the ad being posted since it has to be up for several days before UK can officially make a hire.

Now the main question is; who could it be?

This time around, there haven’t been many rumblings as to who could be on the bench next season.

At one point, it seemed that Josh Pastner was a near-lock to join the staff, but the momentum has slowed down tremendously.

Could he still be the choice? Absolutely, but it might be smart for fans to keep their minds open.

It appears we are closing in on knowing who the next assistant coach will be. Should only be a matter of time now before we figure out who it will be.

Saying this, who would you like to see fill that spot that’s a realistic option (sorry Jay Wright, Coach K, and John Beilein)? Let us know in the comments section!