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NCAA to allow unlimited official visits for recruits

Recruits were previously limited in the number of official visits they could take.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Albany Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Mark Stoops, John Calipari, and every other Kentucky coach in Lexington got good news recently as the NCAA opted to lift the number of official visits recruits could take.

They used to be capped at five, with basketball players receiving five in their junior and senior seasons for a total of 10. That will be done away with as the NCAA Division I Council has taken the limit off the table.

There are still a few notes though, and that is recruits will be allowed just one visit per school. Coaching changes could allow for more. Basketball recruits will get a second official visit with the same school, but they have to occur in separate years.

This will have a big impact on recruits looking to join Kentucky, many of which are planning to visit the schools years before an offer would be made. Nonetheless, the Wildcats will have the opportunity to have more recruits on campus.

There is a limit on schools though. They’ll still only be allowed to host 56 official visitors per year. Said official visits can’t be longer than a two-night trip. The schools will be permitted to cover travel costs, transportation, meals, and reasonable entertainment for up to two family members accompanying a prospect on the visit.

Given the rise in Kentucky football over the last few seasons, they are starting to get more looks from top recruits, and with a plethora of top-tier teams in the SEC, giving the young athletes more time and options to choose their final landing spot should only bode well for the Wildcats as they move forward.