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Rob Dillingham confirms he will be at Kentucky next season

Great news for the roster next year.

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One of the biggest question marks surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats basketball roster next season has been; will Robert Dillingham actually make it to Lexington?

After some scuttlebutt and rumors started swirling expressing some doubt that the five-star guard would make it to campus, Dillingham himself put that to rest as he met with Kyle Tucker of The Athletic this week during the OTE Combine in Atlanta.

While Dillingham declined to talk on the record with Tucker, the star point guard is excited to be in Lexington in just a few short months.

“He’d worn a blue T-shirt under his jersey during the OTE combine, where scouts from almost every NBA franchise watched Dillingham dazzle in drills, three-on-three and five-on-five competitions,” Tucker writes. “Afterward, he pulled down his collar to reveal the white lettering on his undershirt: UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. He grinned. While still declining to be quoted, he did confirm that he’s on track to graduate high school in May and enroll with the rest of UK’s freshmen in early June.”

Dillingham flashed his potential once again at the OTE Combine these past few days, just cementing the fact he could be one of the more exciting playmakers the BBN has seen in the John Calipari era.

Now granted there will most definitely be some growing pains, but all signs point to UK once again having one of the most exciting back-courts in the country.

The games in Toronto can not come soon enough.

Be sure to read Kyle Tucker’s full article at The Athletic.