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Chris Livingston enters NBA Draft

“It’s only up from here.”

Chris Livingston Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue


UK has since clarified that Chris Livingston has retained his eligibility and could theoretically return to school.

However, the buzz all offseason has been Livingston was highly unlikely to be back in Lexington.

In other words, don’t expect Livingston to be back at UK this fall, and UK probably isn’t expecting him back either.

Time to find a replacement.

Going into the offseason, Chris Livingston arguably had the most difficult decision of any player on the Kentucky roster. Realistically, he could have stayed, gone pro, or even transferred.

On Wednesday, Livingston announced his decision to put his name in the NBA draft, though he did not specify if he’s already decided to forego another season at Kentucky.

Livingston made the announcement on Instagram, which was capped off with an “It’s only up from here.”

Coming to Kentucky, Livingston had a first-round draft grade and expected himself to be a one-and-done player, as did those around him. This also included LeBron James’ sports agency, Klutch Sports, which represents Livingston.

While his time at Kentucky wasn’t perfect, he did improve as a player and worked his way into a key starter in the rotation. Over the final 13 games of this past season, Livingston played more than 32 minutes per game, contributing 7.9 points and 6.5 rebounds on 55 percent shooting.

Unfortunately, Livingston’s draft grade did drop due to his inconsistency early in the season. However, Livingston’s play to end the of the season displayed his potential to NBA scouts. Combine his NBA physique and NBA connections, and he is currently projected to be a second-round draft pick, but there is some belief by Klutch that he could potentially be taken in the first round.

For Kentucky, this means they will likely have to go shopping in the portal for a replacement. It is better to know Livingston’s decision now, so transfer targets can better envision their role.

Best of luck to Chris Liviginston with whatever the future holds for him!

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