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Kentucky Baseball team travels to Corbin to show support following tragedy

The Kentucky Baseball team gives a heartwarming gesture to the family and friends of Eli Hill.

Ashley Crawford-Hurd and Samantha Turner

Earlier this week, a tragedy took place in Corbin, Kentucky. Eight-year-old Eli Hill passed away while playing basketball at his home. In a freak accident, the backboard of a basketball goal came off the pole and fell on him.

Following the tragedy, the community of Corbin has come together in remembrance of Eli and in support of his family and friends.

On Wednesday, a vigil was held at the city’s rotary baseball park. Over a hundred people gathered to honor Eli and show love for his family.

“He was a joy to be around, the amount of love, excitement. You know, the care that he had for others,” high school athlete Jacob Baker said via FOX 56.

On Thursday, the Kentucky baseball team traveled to Corbin to show support for Corbin Primary, the baseball team Eli played for.

The family has also decided to donate Eli’s organs in hopes of saving the lives of others.

In a time of tragedy, it’s heartwarming to see people from around the state rally around the family and friends of young Eli, who made an impact on many and will be missed.

The Hill family has also issued a warning of a fake GoFundMe that’s made its way around social media, which you can read more about here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eli and his family.