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John Calipari says Daimion Collins needs to play more

Collins brings the rim protection that this team desperately needs.

Daimion Collins Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats start their run in the NCAA Tournament on Friday night with a matchup against Bryce Hopkins and the Providence Friars.

During his weekly radio show Monday, John Calipari talked about getting Daimion Collins more minutes during this run.

In the SEC Tournament last Friday night, Collins was set to check in about halfway through the first half, but an extended run without a stoppage didn’t allow either team to make any subs.

“He needs to be on the floor. He is really good in the pick-and-roll. He gives you a rim protector. He plays off of the way Oscar plays. We get to throw lobs,” Cal stated.

Calipari has always had his most success when he has solid rim protection. That is something he hasn’t had for a while now, but a good March from Collins could have a major impact on how far this team goes.

The Cats and Friars will tip off Friday night at 7:10 pm ET and the game will air on CBS.

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