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Kentucky Hockey makes National Tournament; needs fan support to help make the trip

The hockey Cats need the BBN’s help.

Kentucky Hockey

Across the Kentucky Athletics family, one club team has had the dream season. That is the Kentucky Wildcats hockey team.

Known for their rowdy atmospheres, and late-night puck drops, the Ice Cats have put together a great season. Now with the opportunity to go play in the National Tournament, the Kentucky Hockey team needs the support of the Big Blue Nation to make the trip.

Announcing that they are 10% of the way to their goal, the team still has a ways to go to make it to Boston for this year's tournament, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s to never count out the Big Blue Nation.

A huge hockey fan myself, it is awesome to see the Kentucky squad making some noise this season.

Now with a chance to go win a championship, the Cats have all the tools to make a run in Boston.

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