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Official from Kentucky vs. Arkansas was reportedly yelling at fans going into halftime

A poor showing from Kentucky and the officiating crew.

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night in Rupp Arena was not a good showing from the Kentucky Wildcats as they were run off the floor in the second half in an 88-73 loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Aside from the Cats’ performance, it was also a poor showing from the officials, especially in the first half, which had the Rupp Arena crowd booing and chanting “refs you suck.”

Late in the first half, John Calipari was given a technical foul for complaining about the poor calls.

However, once the first half ended the official that called the technical on Calipari was seen yelling at fans on his way out and attempted to get some fans ejected from the game.

A high-intensity night inside Rupp Arena that ended with a Kentucky loss, but it was also a rough night for the officiating crew, and they made sure to make the game about them with their actions, an unfortunately common theme in the sport.