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Rajon Rondo set to join Kentucky Basketball staff next season, per report

Rajon Rondo could be back on the Kentucky sidelines next season.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets - Play-In Tournament Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Following the departure of assistant coach Jai Lucas last summer - before the hiring of K.T. Turner - many fans began talking about former Kentucky Wildcats they would like to see return and join the staff.

Two of the most popular names that were mentioned were Rajon Rondo and Tyler Ulis, two of the smartest point guards to ever play at Kentucky.

The latter has joined the staff this semester as a student assistant, looking to learn from John Calipari and explore a coaching career following a car accident that forced him off the court for the time being. From all reports, the move has benefited both sides and Rondo could be on the same path.

Since early January, the former NBA Champion has been seen back in Lexington, back on campus. It has since been learned that Rondo has been taking classes and is working towards finishing his degree, but is also working towards something else.

Jack Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio reports that there is “mutual interest” between Rondo and the Kentucky basketball program in bringing him on as a student assistant for next season. To be eligible to do so, he must be considered a full-time student with at least 12 active credit hours.

Pilgrim notes that it’s still “early in the process,” but this is the plan. Last weekend against Kansas, Rondo received a huge round of applause as the “Y”, so the addition would be very popular amongst fans.