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Will Levis to throw at NFL Combine

Levis will look to continue his push for the top spot in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Will Levis Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The NFL combine is finally here, as draft season has officially begun across the league. With scouts and GMs all traveling to Indianapolis early this week, players will start to arrive and take the field for action on Wednesday.

With several players from the Kentucky Wildcats program attending this week’s combine, the biggest name for BBN will be Will Levis.

Seen as a top-10 pick by most NFL Draft experts, it was reported today by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network that Levis will indeed throw this Saturday for NFL teams in Indy.

Levis will join C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson as quarterbacks that will throw for teams. Bryce Young will wait it out to throw at his pro day in Tuscaloosa.

The biggest debate of this draft season has been which QB will come off the board first come draft night. Levis, Young, and Stroud have long been seen as contenders for the top spot, but over the last few weeks, the Richardson hype has returned to full steam.

With buzz building that the Chicago Bears are considering offers for the No. 1 overall pick, it’s looking more and more likely that one of these QBs will come off the board as the top pick.

Levis has a lot of momentum, but a good showing in Indy this week could help push him over the top.

Going to be an interesting storyline to follow this weekend.

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